Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2021-07-30T12:30:47+00:00
How do I access my Passport?2022-11-17T15:07:18+00:00

You can login to the Empowerment Passport website.

If you have created a Passport, it will be there on the system. You simply need to use your login details and password to get to your unique passport

How do I keep my Passport protected?2022-11-17T15:08:00+00:00

Your Passport is protected by your unique login details and password.
No-one else can view it without your permission. It is stored on a secure server.
If your Empowerment Passport Facilitator has allocated a questionnaire for you to complete, then you can choose any password to protect it.
NB. If you want someone to support you whilst you complete the questionnaire, then that is your decision. They may help you with choosing a password or support you with your answers.
If you would like to print the Empowerment Passport as a paper version, again, this is your choice. You would need to take responsibility to protect the paper version and store it safely.

Who can view my Passport?2022-11-17T15:08:23+00:00

This is your choice.

You decide who you wish to share your Passport with.

Applying for a job: If you are applying for a job, you may wish to share your Empowerment Passport to a prospective employer as it may help them when asking you what adjustments you will need at interview, for example allowing extra time for answering questions.   There are no rules about sharing your Empowerment Passport, but it has to feel comfortable to share your information

You decide.

In education: you may want to share your Empowerment Passport with your Teacher, Special Educational Needs Coordinator, Mentor, Tutor or Student Disability Officers at University. It may help them to make adjustments for you in school, college of university without much delay

You decide.

In employment: You may wish to share your Empowerment Passport with your line manager or workplace buddy, or Job coach. It may help them to make adjustments for you in the workplace and can even be shared at personal development reviews or appraisals.

You Decide.

How long does it take to create?2022-11-17T15:08:37+00:00

It depends how many adjustments you wish to put in your Empowerment Passport and under what domains.

If you choose only a couple of adjustments in one domain then the questionnaire can be completed quite quickly.

It varies, depending on the number of adjustments you need and what you are wanting to convey.

If you choose adjustments in all the domains, (physical, intellectual, emotional and social) then simply take your time! You can easily save your information as you go along and come back to it another day.

It’s your decision

Why an Empowerment Passport?2022-11-17T15:08:56+00:00

Following a recent poll on LinkedIn, businesses were asked what are the main worries for them about hiring people with disabilities who have transferable skills and the majority answered ‘a lack of knowledge about reasonable adjustments.
Similarly in education, its often a lack of knowledge about adjustments for learning.
The Empowerment Passport provides a platform for individuals to create a document to share what works well and what does not for them. For reasonable adjustments to work they need to be personalised as everyone thinks, learns and works differently. Reasonable Adjustments need to be reasonable for the employer or educational provider to accommodate, so the Empowerment Passport encourages open discussion and action once agreed.

Who owns the Empowerment Passport?2022-11-17T15:09:16+00:00

It is the person who needs reasonable adjustments in education or employment who owns the Empowerment Passport.
Access to the questionnaire, creating an Empowerment Passport and securely hosting unique information is a paid for licence. Each licence is generally paid for by the employer or educational establishment. However, it is envisaged people can opt to purchase their own individual Passport if required.

How long will an Empowerment Passport last?2021-08-19T14:48:03+00:00

For as long as an individual wants and needs it.
When a person leaves education to go into the world of work, or if someone changes jobs or changes schools, often vital information about what worked well and what didn’t is lost. The Empowerment Passport can enable individuals to record and store their adjustment needs in one place. They own this information so it is their choice when and to whom they will share this information.

Can I store other assessment reports or relevant documents on the Empowerment Passport?2021-08-19T14:12:06+00:00


Within each Empowerment Passport, there is a feature that allows the passport holder to select up to 5 key documents to host supporting evidence for the content of their Empowerment Passport.
For example: – If Someone is writing their Empowerment Passport around their dyslexia adjustments, they can choose to upload their official dyslexia diagnostic report.
Other reports such as a previous Access to work assessment, an Educational and Health care plan, or a student disability plan can also be uploaded and stored within the Empowerment Passport. A very helpful feature for keeping essential supporting documents in one place.

What if I change jobs or school?2022-11-17T15:09:57+00:00

Your passport goes with you

The Empowerment Passport has a yearly renewal fee paid usually by the original facilitator to keep the information active, maintained and secure on the platform.
If a person changes jobs or school and wishes to keep their Empowerment Passport active then they must inform the admin team to re-allocate their passport to a new facilitator or provide a self -payment option. This can last up to 2 years.

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